No rules, no plans, just words.


September 2016


For more
More power
Power and control
Control over anything
Anything that makes us feel greater
Greater than we are
We are discontent
Discontent to sit
Sit in the present
In the present beauty
Beauty in what we have
We have nothing
Nothing until we can love
Can love where we’re at
We’re at the table
The table until we learn
Learn to love
Love the fullness
The fullness from lack
From lack of nothing
Nothing to hunger
Hunger no more



Time running ever forward

Rushing toward an unknown end

Each moment blending into the next

Everything blurred

Memories of times gone by

Fuzzy remnants of former moments

Broken only by clarity of deepest emotion

Milestones and devestations create

Vivid tapestries of story

Amidst the haze of normalcy

What happens in between is left forgotten

The unremembered moments where everyday life occurred

Who we are and why

Molded in and by seconds of time

We no longer recall

Blurred timelines

Of lives [well?] lived


Days feel heavy
Happy energy surrounds but
something is missing

The weight of each hour
Eyelids droop until work ends
freedom to close

Wonderful things
Taking their toll on everyday
someone save me

Each moment brings new opportunity
And with it fewer hours to myself
battery is low

Balancing good with necessary
Each day a new decision
money or rest

Both paths with rock faces and upward slopes
Both with bridges and flat ground
no right answer

My heart and head are at an impasse
And so we continue one day at a time
breathe in. breathe out. choose.


Further, harder, stronger
Pushing my limits along with the air

Each breath gets heavier
But each muscle gets stronger

Shamelessly mouthing words
Singing songs of power

I cannot be boxed in
Breaking the mindset that contains me

Dreams grow with each step
The world lies before me

No man hold me back
I fight for clarity

Pushing to change
Becoming the person I desire

To the observer
I am simply running

But the reality
Joyfully embracing who I am

So go
Don’t stop

Unexpected Answers

How often I asked
Just one brother
Just one.

But time and again
Always sisters

Now as I survey the people that have surrounded me
Man after man

Each one teaching me
How to love
How to care
How to respect
In friendship

Brothers I asked for
Friends I got
Not biological
But brothers through and through

How often I complained
Why only sisters?

But, here I sit
In awe

By brothers
I didn’t realize I’d acquired
What beauty in the unexpected answer


What will be my outcome?
Am I destined for my dreams?
Or is my path a twisted road to grander things?

So be it.

What hope do I have on days of hurt?
When the many storms of life surround?
Can I rest in your embrace and the truth that I am found?

So be it.

How do I contain my joy?
Will I keep it week to week?
Or shall I find that the momentary laughter is just a single peak?

So be it.

With every question lingers
A sense of tearful uncertainty
Until I call to mind the things that you can see

So be it.

What happened in the past
And each unknown new day ahead
You’ve seen it all play out and for each one you hung and bled

So be it.

They may not all be pretty
And some will hurt beyond compare
But through it all you’re with me, in each up and down you’re there

So be it.

So no matter what the day brings
What joy or pain or doubt
I’ll say it again with everything and let my soul cry out:

So be it.

Stories III

If you’re not ready to tell yours
Please let me tell you mine

To see myself more clearly
Your eyes will do just fine

So let us sit and talk
of hurts and hopes and healing

Each word you hear helps free me
Even if its taste seems unappealing

I become more of who I am
With every tale you hear

Each sentence lets some light in
Until suddenly…”I” appear

Thank you for your time and smile
For listening with such intent

I hope soon I hear your story
With my open heart you’ll be content

You’re stunning as I know you
But I know there’s more inside

One day I’d love to fully see
The stories you choose to hide

For what hope there is in knowing
That we’re both human to the core

But no point in having stories
If we never open the door

Stories II

Tell me more.

Who are you?
Who do you wish to be?

What scares you of the future?
Please just let me see.

In brokenness is beauty
Cracks let in the light

Please let me hear your story
I promise all will be alright

I wont judge you for your choices
I’ve made plenty of my own

But daily I watch and see you
Just begging to be known

So please do not stay hidden
Your life has so much worth

Each and every story
To you has given birth

I want to hear what made you
The tales of joy and tears

Let me in just for a moment
Shed your heart of fears

For we are just alike
I have a story all the same

Every word may be different
But it too has smiles and pain

Stories I

Hidden stories
Overshadowed by us

People we choose to be
Covering up what is and was

Playing to the masses
Phenomenal actors

Selfie paparazzi surrounds
Telling stories we wish were true

Glimpses of honesty
Hidden in plain sight

Unasked questions
Beautiful tales left covered

Tell me more.

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