No rules, no plans, just words.


October 2016

Challenge Accepted.

Can you handle it?
You’re it.
The chase is on
Find me
Pursue me
It won’t be easy
I am…
Can you handle this?
Can you catch me?
Most cannot
They see the game
They choose
Easier players
Easier game.
Im waiting
For the one who steps up
Challenge accepted.



Anxious thoughts flood
My mind overflows
What could it be?
Did something change?

Are we moving forward?
Or a rebuke of something assumed?
Perhaps nothing more than a kind word
Of friendship remaining the same.

Each day brings new worries
Not worries–impatience.
Does that mean something?
Or only that I like control?

I could ask
But it could hurt
And so I wait
Wondering what the future holds















Tossing, turning
Missing sleep
Thoughts of payments
Embedded deep

Every day
A brand new choice
To work hard an have
Or give in to my tired voice

So many places
I want to see
But money keeps them
Hidden from me

Gorgeous items
I wish to own
But money makes them
Things unknown

And so I start
Again each day
Working hard
So I can pay

For food and fun
And travel too
Always paying
For things to do

If only I
Could live for free
Instead my money
Watches me

Chasing Whims

To monotony
Desperately searching
For ways out
New adventures
New jobs
Puzzles to be solved
But will it help?
The question haunts me
Will I return again?
To this state of endless unfeeling
Repeating words
In hopes of feeling alive
Possible futures
Clouded with fear
What if its the same?
Chasing whims to eternity
Steady my soul.
I pray without words
May I lose myself
In Your design

Only Human

Pain eats at the body

People ask for more

I cant do everything

But I don’t want to disappoint

Learning to say no

I hurt

I mutter it softly

Let me go

And for once they don’t argue

They let me be

Just this once


A poem a day

A poem a day
Keeps the sadness away

Sometimes good sometimes bad
But each time I write I’m once again glad

Though often from writing I am reeling
With each word I exhale a feeling

Something thought, something said
I need to share before I go to bed

So here we are….one post a day
Sometimes it’s rough…but here to stay

Run Away

Today’s the day
I’ll run away
Where no one else can find me

I’ll catch a bus
And simply trust
That this new life in some way will free me

So off I go
Though I don’t know
Where the world will lead

To see new places
And meet new faces
Until the world can read

The woman I am
Who always can
Though others don’t believe

Make the most
Of any coast
And life journey do receive

So thank you for
Helping me more
Than you truly know

To be the girl
Who gives life a whirl
Even when things are just so so

Friendly Words

From silly stories from the past
To fears of future loves to last

Keeping secrets and telling tales
Laughing and worrying about future ails

Dear dear friends talking through the night
Letting words fall into place til morning light

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