I want to be a princess
To live out the age old tale
Of Prince Charming to the rescue
And then far away we sail

But don’t confuse what I’m saying
With a girl that’s mild and weak
The princess I aim to be?
She’ll know when to stand and speak

She’ll love her people fiercely
She’ll know how to hold her own
She’ll find her own adventure
And each day new skills she’ll hone

Of course she’ll want her own Prince Charming
As every princess of the past
But she won’t be just sitting
Waiting until he finds her at last

She won’t say no to rescue
She won’t turn down a helping hand
But she won’t stop her own adventure 
And wait around for any man

She’ll live her life and seize the day
As no princess has before
Making waves and changing lives
As in the days of yore

And so my story starts
Or perhaps it just progresses? 
As I search for joy in each new day
And of the future take my guesses

I want to be a princess
A warrior all the same
To live until love finds me
And not let life my fire tame