Eyes open to sunny skies
Streaming through open windows
Each beam covering up invisible pain

How do things keep turning?
How do you move forward?
When so many are in pain.

No, not pain. But hurt all the same.
Fear, worry, heartache
Tears for hatred made so visible

And yet we must move on
Pushing towards a new start
Together, in love

And so we search the crowd
For those in pain
For people hurting to their core

And we smile
We hug, we listen, we share
And together we move on

We discuss better days ahead
We make plans for progress
All the while loving those who hated

Refusing to sink to a level below
Instead, calling others to rise
Meet us on a higher plane

Where discourse may be heated
But will never change how love is shown
With each word we shall heap burning coals

You can hate us
You may hate what we stand for
But we will love you all the same

For that is what we stand for
A new day
A new America

One borne out of love and hope
Not fear of what if.
For we were given the spirit of God

Not of of fear or timidity
But of power of love
Of self control

So let the love rage on
In the midst of the heartache
Let love overcome.