I’m scared that you’ll see me
But I want to be seen
I’m weighing the options
Calculating our mean

I cant do this alone
I need your support
But each time I try to share
My mind screams “abort!”

I’m dying for someone to know me
But im scared of what they’ll see
I’m so often acting
Being what people want me to be

I’ve done this so long
The reveal may bring pain
But I need to be honest
So just for now I’ll try not to be vain

I’m awkward and shy
Scared to be real
Maybe “me”‘s not enough
Who I once was I can’t fully reveal

Well I could but it hurts
It’s a blotch on my past
And the person I am
Has developed so fast

The things that I do
That I oft wish I didn’t
They help me be someone
That with people can fit in

And so I keep playing
Scared that someone will see
The real me is boring
And nothing like…me.