No rules, no plans, just words.


December 2016


With every second the ache grows

An unfathomable emptiness

An endless of cavern of questions

Am I the only one who feels it?

The deepening distance between us

Where we stood just days before



Save Me

watching the door
eyeing each person
hoping desperately
to see your smile

anger knocks
begging to be let in
heart beating with exertion
using all to keep it at bay

but the door rattles
ever harder
how long will it hold?
what are you thinking?

please talk to me
let me in
save me
from my thoughts


Anxiously waiting
unsure of tomorrow
what seemed so obvious
is now on cracking ice
i thought
his mind would be easily read
and now
closer up
it seems blurry
are we where i thought?
or was it an illusion?
imaginary longing
from desired attention
where do we stand
together or seperate?
forward to something
or returning to original positions?
heres to wisdom
to kindness
to honesty and friendship
in the midst of unknown territory
may the conversation begin.


So brave they say
All alone?
Going from one country
To the next

It’s freedom
I reply
But inside
I cower

From things unspoken
From truths untold
From unknown possibilities

Is it freedom
Or is it control?
Do I crave the unknown
Or fear it?


Shame, the gathering storm
Begging undue anger to form

Such self-inflicted pain
Imagining others are to blame

not honest
not smart
not enough
not a part

Each one a magnificent lie
Gleefully watching your confidence die

So take heart in what’s true
That you’re loved through and through

And let shame lose its grip
From tortured hearts may it slip

These frightful delusions of what other think
Allow love and truth bring you back from the brink

Your life is honest
You truly are smart
You’re always enough
A significant part

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