No rules, no plans, just words.


January 2017


I want to tell you i miss you
But just dont know how
Will your mind reject it?
Your heart my timid statement allow?

Perhaps it’s too soon
To say such a thing
Too early to utter it
This between the lines dream

But I sit here and wonder
What if I dont get the chance?
To say what I feel
To admit my hopeless romance?

If I step out the door
And never see you again
Will you wish you had known what I felt?
That you’re a man among men

And so up I stand&
courageously full of fear
To tell you that my heart
For now, is yours my dear


Running Home

Running, moving
Both far and near
Ever searching
But finding my fear

Heading furiously onwards
To each daring new place
But ever knowing the end
Of my rambling race

The home that I seek
It stays ever behind
With friends that I love
True comfort ill find

But on repeat I try
To ignore the blunt truth
Begging my Lord
Let this trip be proof

But each time I run
I find the same tale
A wandering heart
That begs to set sail

And once again
As the adventure draws to a close
Im secretly joyous
Im back with the family I chose


Piecing things together
Tearing things apart
I try to explain the process
But don’t know where to start

Each day brings adds and edits
Some quite big and others small
But each new rendition of my plans
Is a full on overhaul

New ideas come forward
Others shift to the back
Each adjusting to new info
Adding on another track

A new highway for my future
Charging forward with full speed
Activating blueprints
Of steps each dream will need

An everchanging puzzle
Shifting before my eyes
I love it and I hate it
It exciting but oft it lies

Just because I thought it
Doesn’t mean I can do it all
So I sit here in the present
Wondering to what I’ll feel the call

Cherishing the creation
Enjoying dreams of what lies in store
But remembering that in the end
It’s here and now that holds the door

Say Something

you didnt want to hurt me
you were kind and sweet and true
but at the end all the things you said
hurt me through and through

seeing other people
easy for you to say
youve got others in mind
while i just hope and pray

i dont know when it started
how it is i like you now
but its here and i cant help it
so please dont bring me down

youre who i want to talk to
when anything happens in my day
but now im not sure you want to hear
all the things i have to say

i know that you like me
as a friend and maybe more
but unless you do the asking
we’ll watch the closing of the door

i think i want to try this
im in shock i think that too
but you make me laugh like
no other
i want to try with you

so please dont make me wait
dont make me hope in vain
if you want to try this too
please just make it plain

so here i sit and wait
wondering what to do
waiting for an answer
waiting to hear from you


There are words I want to say
Words you need to hear
A reminder to us both
That there’s nothing we need fear

Yes we’ve opened up
For the other one to see
But any doubt or worry
Is shared in you and me

So listen well when I tell you
That your fear for what lie ahead
Is matched by the loving worries
I carry each night to my bed

You see only burden
All you’ll bring to what could be
But my eyes see only joy and care
In the man standing before me

I see you stand there silent
Loving and good and kind
I worry what will happen
If I stay with you over time

That ill ruin who you are
Change the man I see
Into something slightly worse
Something that looks like me

But knowing that we share this
Mean its honest and its true
My worries for myself
Are really worries just for you


I want to turn back time
To before I spoke those lines

When all was still unsaid
Just thoughts drifting in my head

But they landed on your ears
And now i’m left in wretched tears

I thought perhaps you cared
And so my whole soul I bared

You thought I was being bold
My feelings to you have told

But all I did was new
For I thought it would be easier

cause I was only telling



Silently waiting
For words to come through
Wishing and hoping
They’ll save me and you

I think that I want this
I know you’re unsure
But sitting in silence
Our pain simply wont cure

So off we will go
Down this new road
Letting our words
The silence implode

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