Piecing things together
Tearing things apart
I try to explain the process
But don’t know where to start

Each day brings adds and edits
Some quite big and others small
But each new rendition of my plans
Is a full on overhaul

New ideas come forward
Others shift to the back
Each adjusting to new info
Adding on another track

A new highway for my future
Charging forward with full speed
Activating blueprints
Of steps each dream will need

An everchanging puzzle
Shifting before my eyes
I love it and I hate it
It exciting but oft it lies

Just because I thought it
Doesn’t mean I can do it all
So I sit here in the present
Wondering to what I’ll feel the call

Cherishing the creation
Enjoying dreams of what lies in store
But remembering that in the end
It’s here and now that holds the door