you didnt want to hurt me
you were kind and sweet and true
but at the end all the things you said
hurt me through and through

seeing other people
easy for you to say
youve got others in mind
while i just hope and pray

i dont know when it started
how it is i like you now
but its here and i cant help it
so please dont bring me down

youre who i want to talk to
when anything happens in my day
but now im not sure you want to hear
all the things i have to say

i know that you like me
as a friend and maybe more
but unless you do the asking
we’ll watch the closing of the door

i think i want to try this
im in shock i think that too
but you make me laugh like
no other
i want to try with you

so please dont make me wait
dont make me hope in vain
if you want to try this too
please just make it plain

so here i sit and wait
wondering what to do
waiting for an answer
waiting to hear from you