I know the feast is up ahead
And yet I lie awake
For on every corner sits
A chance to choose my fate

I crave the wine I’m promised
And the lavish filling meal
But a frosty sounds so good
And 4 for $4 is quite a deal

And so again I waver
I say it’s just this once
But i’ll say it again tomorrow
‘Cause I’ve been doing that for months

And when I sit again in bed
Clutching my stomach tight
I’ll wonder why i’ve done this
As I tear up in fading light

I know i’ve not been judged
For we all have our own sins
But I start to see my life
Through a salty fast food lens

For it’s not just meals I skimp on
It’s not just fast food down the road
It’s love and hope and friendship
That get left for an easier load

Cause who can wait for real love
When impersonations crowd your view
And who would rely on an unseen God
When friends you’ve known will do

But we tell our own sad story
In every sitcom and tv show
Of craving something so much more
And the ache we feel when we let go

So why don’t I believe it
Why do I continue on
Filling myself with junk food
As my heart aches on and on

Frostys fill the craving
But all too soon it’s back
Reminding me yet again
That all I want it lacks

So I pray I wait for real things
For the meals that fill me full
And ignore the fast food diet
That keeps me in a life of lull