Back and forth
Mentally pacing
Making no move
But internally racing

Everyone watches
But nobody sees
As I think through my fears
As I fall to my knees

Wanting to run
But pushing to stay
Weighing my worries
In the midst of each day

Going is forward
Catching desire
Staying is backward
Sitting in mire

“Mind games” I think
As I list cons and pros
But onwards I worry
About the path that I chose

How do you choose rightly
When neither is wrong
When decisions arise
For what do you long?

And is that how you do it?
Follow your heart?
Plan out a course
And follow the chart?

Or do you choose patience?
Making something of here?
With no real direction
Pushing on til its clear

Today its the latter
Ive chosen my fate
Living each moment
For the rest…I can wait