Honesty is honestly
The hardest thing to do
For when you say what’s on your mind
It often scares you through and through

And is it good to say whats true
If others find it sad?
Or does it only count
When the words make someone glad?

Growing up I was told
I must always tell the truth
But saying what you think always
Can sometimes be uncouth

So do I tell you “that’s not your color”
When you ask what’s on my mind?
Or should I say, “I love it!”
And let you think it looks just fine?

The line between honesty and bring rude
Is starting to wear thin
I look at one and see the other
Unsure where each begin

So forgive me all my words
Me ceaseless “honest” chatter
I get so anxious to do whats right
I sound like a mad hatter

Giving too much honesty
That might cause a little pain
Then swooping in to take it back
It’s all an endless game

I mean well, I promise
It’s just a learning curve
And one of these days I get it
Until then…forgive my “nerve”