Flying oh so high above
Cities though unknown, I love

Wondering what the future holds
Watching eager as it unfolds

one quick moment could change it all
Exhilarated I try and let life fall

Moving onward trusting God
In work, in love, a silent nod

It never seems to go to plan
Yet over and over, adventure grand

And so I stare at lights below
People waiting, hoping so

For dreams so big and love so wide
That all their life can fit inside

A silent scream, the human heart
For something more, set apart

How I wish to help each one
Silent stories, plans undone

But again I look and overwhelmed
Stand back one second from my helm

For I’m not called to fix the world
But help where im at with heart unfurled

And with that I see a new scene
same unknown cities, but grass not as green

And there it is, standing unmasked
The answer to the deep seated question I’ve asked

For me at least, I must learn to stay
To listen to people and love where I may

Tomorrow could change that and send me afar
But for now I smile as I feel that “stay where you are”IMG_3201.jpg