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Final Rose

Trapped beneath society

It feels like all you do is lie to me

If we cant say the things we feel 

What of our story stands as real

Interest left in vague conversation

Anxious thoughts destroy elation 

I let you in but the hinge swings close

The game comes to an end I hold the rose

But here it stays tight in hand drawn near my heart

Watching fear of stage steal your starring part


Heading out to distant shore
Or holding fast to time worn moor

The push and pull to run or stay
Letting whims rule the day

Driving out and rushing home
Wondering if all my life Ill roam

Searching onward for the way
To future joy in love and play

But with each try I start to see
To reach my goal I must start with me

Looking around, above, below, behind
Its in THIS moment my life ill find

Respect Me

Respect me.
I plead with my eyes
Willing him to understand
I am more than this
I have value

Respect me.

He doesn’t care
Utility only
Valuable until unneccesary


I yell silently
But he sees only weakness
Refusal to act

Respect me.

Tears wont come
Pain lashes my heart
But I wont let him win


I didnt say it
I stared into darkness
Muttering hate until daybreak


I cried to them
To the ones who listened
Praying they saw the pain

Respect me.

Why cant we see it?
When others beg?
To be human
To be respected

Respect me.


Like Gideon long ago
I place my fleece upon the ground
Hoping that as I asked it
In the morning it will be found

Hearing the truths God tells me
But holding on to fear
How could this be your choice?
I’m sure my future’s over here!

Learning to trust your words
And not just what I see
Trying to be brave
Sitting daily close to thee

Letting go of control
Putting my doubting fleece away
Help me to move forward, Lord
May Your word guide my way


It was you
For sure you
Now it’s my turn?
How did we switch?

Anxious thoughts
It was me
You wanted me.

When the change?
My vision altered
More regard
More respect

How did I become
The obsessed?
Wasn’t that you?
Loving the indifferent

But here we are
I sit
In admiration
You are incredible

Thank you
For listening
For caring
For being you


Rolling home
Staring through dirty windows
In silence dreaming
Of grand reunions
And forceful hugs
Of friends that feel like home


I want to tell you i miss you
But just dont know how
Will your mind reject it?
Your heart my timid statement allow?

Perhaps it’s too soon
To say such a thing
Too early to utter it
This between the lines dream

But I sit here and wonder
What if I dont get the chance?
To say what I feel
To admit my hopeless romance?

If I step out the door
And never see you again
Will you wish you had known what I felt?
That you’re a man among men

And so up I stand&
courageously full of fear
To tell you that my heart
For now, is yours my dear

Running Home

Running, moving
Both far and near
Ever searching
But finding my fear

Heading furiously onwards
To each daring new place
But ever knowing the end
Of my rambling race

The home that I seek
It stays ever behind
With friends that I love
True comfort ill find

But on repeat I try
To ignore the blunt truth
Begging my Lord
Let this trip be proof

But each time I run
I find the same tale
A wandering heart
That begs to set sail

And once again
As the adventure draws to a close
Im secretly joyous
Im back with the family I chose


Piecing things together
Tearing things apart
I try to explain the process
But don’t know where to start

Each day brings adds and edits
Some quite big and others small
But each new rendition of my plans
Is a full on overhaul

New ideas come forward
Others shift to the back
Each adjusting to new info
Adding on another track

A new highway for my future
Charging forward with full speed
Activating blueprints
Of steps each dream will need

An everchanging puzzle
Shifting before my eyes
I love it and I hate it
It exciting but oft it lies

Just because I thought it
Doesn’t mean I can do it all
So I sit here in the present
Wondering to what I’ll feel the call

Cherishing the creation
Enjoying dreams of what lies in store
But remembering that in the end
It’s here and now that holds the door

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